5 Pass - True Stories

5 Pass - True Stories

5 Pass - True Stories (Histoires vraies) - HKFFF specifically develops different movie packages for your selection, namely Safe Bet (Valeur sûre), Our Crushes (Nos coups de cœur) and True Stories (Histoires vraies), with $100 off the price!

True Stories (Histoires vraies) package include:
  • Small Country: An African Childhood (Petit Pays)
  • House of Cardin (Pierre Cardin)
  • Sympathy for the Devil (Sympathie pour le diable)
  • The Big Hit (Un Triomphe)
  • Rascal (Vaurien)

Note: We have special pricing for AF members (see your email for details). You can also purchase a Movie Pass for even more discounted prices.

Terms and Conditions

Pass is not transferable and is valid for one entry per session. All sessions must be pre-booked. Passes are not valid for special events. Passes can be scanned at the door for entry.